The independent city St Louis in Missouri is the second largest city which acts as a memorial to Southern heritage and is the mix of a cosmopolitan city. It was founded in the year 1764, and since then it has become an essential port of USA and acts as a major port for Mississippi River. If you are planning a tour to St. Louis, you will be delighted to learn that there are various things to see here and a lot many activities to undertake. Right from the Cardinals of St. Louis to Gateway Arch to Swanky casinos, St. Louis is packed with hundreds of attractions. There are some top things to do in this place.

Sightseeing activity in St. Louis

The place brims with several landmarks, historic sites and historic homes with kitchen updating and remodels. Among all the historical buildings and monuments to see, you cannot miss out The Gateway Arch. Being the tallest national monument, The Gateway Arch is also known as “Gateway to the West.” Apart from this, The Cathedral Basilica is also worth seeing. The City Museum, St. Louis Zoo, Old Courthouse, Missouri Botanical Garden are the other places to visit among so many.

Beer tasting

St. Louis has an association with beer due to Anheuser Busch Brewery which is the most recognized and the largest brewery. Tour this site even if you are not a fan of beer.

Enjoy good music

St. Louis was the center of musical talent and musical innovation. Blues, Jazz, and Ragtime are very deeply intertwined with the culture and history of the city.