Shopping In St. Louis: One Of The Most Prominent Activities To Do

St. Louis has some of the best markets, malls, and plazas offering convenience and ease of shopping. You may easily move to the shopping malls and then go out to see tons of attractions. You have lots of shopping options in both low-brow and high-brow stores. Whether you want to drink or enjoy the bite of food along your way, you have every option.

A visit to St. Louis Galleria

This is a beautiful Galleria for all shopaholics who love shopping. It features cinema, specialty shops and a chain of restaurants. Its design is unique with cream, coral and black columns, marble floors. Here you will find flowers and trees set in the pots or colorful ceramic discs to add to the décor and accent. The mission style benches offer a respite to the tired shoppers.

Plaza Frontenac

The amazing venue Plaza Frontenac is sophisticated featuring fine dining and upscale shopping. There are well known reputed stores of J. Crew and Neiman Marcus. This is the bright and huge airy space featuring hardwood floors, upholstered furniture, and piano in the atrium.

St. Louis Mills: the expansive shopping mall

This shopping mall is situated in the northwest area and offers plenty of shopping options. Here you will get everything you require. There are more than 175 shops and a huge number of entertainment options. Huge departmental stores such as MegaStore, Coat Factory, and others stand along the smaller brands like American Eagle Outfitter and Aeropostale.